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Enola Gay è il bombardiere B-29 Superfortress che il 6 agosto 1945, poco prima del termine della seconda guerra mondiale, sganciò sulla città giapponese di

Enola Gay is de naam van de Amerikaanse B-29 Superfortress-bommenwerper die tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog op 6 augustus 1945 de eerste atoombom, met de naam Little

À son bord, Enola Gay comptait 12 hommes : Colonel Paul Tibbets (pilote), mort le 1 er novembre 2007 ; Capitaine Robert Lewis (copilote), mort le 18 juin 1983 ;

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“Enola Gay” is an anti-war song by the British synthpop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), and the only single from the band’s 1980 album, Organisation.

History of the mission. Pictures of the B-29, pilot Tibbets and other crew that bombed Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

On August 6, 1945—70 years ago today—the B-29 bomber Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Twelve men were on that flight. Some chose to keep

Enola Gay es el nombre de un avión bombardero Boeing B-29 Superfortress que fue bautizado así en honor a Enola Gay Tibbets, madre de su piloto Paul Tibbets.

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Enola Gay ist der Name des B-29-Bombers (Superfortress) der United States Army Air Forces, der die erste Atombombe („Little man“), die je in einem Konflikt

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The Enola Gay ( / ᵻ ˈ n oʊ l ə ˈ ɡ eɪ /) is a Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, named for Enola Gay Tibbets, the mother of the pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets

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